4 Trends in SEO: From Tactics to Strategy

The SEO market is changing. When SEO first started, you could rank just by keyword-stuffing your meta tags. Once that was phased out, there was a period when you could easily get ranked by link spamming. Those days are over as well.

Today, SEO is rapidly moving in a new direction. Here are some of the many trends active in today’s world of SEO.

Moving Away: SEO Keyword Density, SEO Keyword Strategies

There were a few strategies that were popular a few years ago that simply don’t matter today.

Keyword density more or less doesn’t matter anymore. A few years ago, experts recommended trying to keep your keyword density somewhere around 3% to 6%. Today, it truly doesn’t matter.

In the past experts also recommended bolding your keywords in places or using your keywords in your subheads. Again, this doesn’t play much of a role any longer.

Moving Towards: Multimedia for SEO

Using videos, audio, and web presentations is becoming an increasingly effective way to gain rankings in the search engines.

Building a strong reputation using multimedia takes time. The idea isn’t to try and launch one viral video and be set for life. Instead, the idea is to do a podcast every week, or a video every week until you have a solid reputation built.

The more often you can publish, the better. High-quality videos and audios generate a lot of backlinks, especially once you have a strong reputation.

Moving Away: SEO Low-Quality Links

Many of the low-quality link tactics that worked even just a year ago are weighed very lowly today.

For example, links from article marketing are weighed very lowly today. Writing a bunch of articles and sending them to EzineArticles or GoArticles simply won’t do all that much for your rankings. In fact, EzineArticles itself was hit very hard by Panda in 2011.

Another example is social media profile links. Links from easy-to-create profiles no longer send much link juice.

Moving Towards: SEO Quality Indicator Metrics

Google is using more and more metrics to try and determine whether or not your site is a high-quality website.

How does Google do this?

One metric it looks at is how often people come back to your site. It looks at how often people stay on your website. It looks at the ratio of content to advertisements on your site.

Google looks at literally hundreds of different factors and tries to determine whether or not your site is of high quality.

It’s very hard to fool Google’s artificial intelligence, especially since so little is known about it today. The best way to rank in the new world of SEO is to just give Google what it wants: high-quality content.


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