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Engage your customers, Drive footfall, Boost profits
My name is Martin and I’m the founder of Reach More Business in Sittingbourne, Kent.

Offering free guest public WiFi to your visitors, clients, or customers is not only useful and helpful to them, but it is also beneficial and VERY helpful to you and your marketing efforts for your business.

Free customer WiFi works for:
Nightclubs / Pubs / Bars or RestaurantsCoffee shops, Vape shops
Supermarkets / Convenience stores
Shopping malls, Clothing shops, etc…
B and B’s / Hotel lobbies or Caravan parks
Gyms or Spa’s
Hair / Nail and Tanning salons
Tattoo studios and even Car repair garages and so many more…

In fact, whatever business you have where there is the potential for your visitors and guests to want or need to use the internet either while they waiting or browsing, both inside or out – we’ve got you (and all of your guest areas) covered.

Our Guest WiFi Hotspot offers a GDPR compliant, socially connected WiFi, marketing, and analytics solution for hospitality, leisure, and retail.

Why a Guest WiFi Hotspot?

Simply because your customers Love WiFi, and you get to market to them long after they've left your business premises

Influence Customer Opinions, Increase Facebook Likes, Promote Brand Presence And Market Impact

Being online is now part of the social experience and a must for millennials, Customers have a need to access the internet for work and leisure.

Offering free WiFi can extend a visit and increase dwell time, and with the use of engaging WiFi adverts, it can even increase your customers spend.

A guest WiFi-enabled venue attracts more customers, it can also be used to increase your social and web presence.

Easily onboard guests with clear opt-in notices, here are some of our On-Boarding Features:

  • We enable a branded sign-on process to capture customer data (email addresses, mobile numbers, etc) with a customised
    landing page with your logo and colour schemes to match your brand.
  • Show an advertising “Splash Screen” before a user connects to allow you to engage with adverts for upsell opportunities, you can also schedule adverts by day or hour.
  • Log in through Social Media or Email using our Social Media or Email based sign-on.
  • Export customer data to Excel or integrate with CRM partners and send data automatically to Mailchimp or SendinBlue.
  • Customisable welcome email.
  • Gain customer insight and footfall activity.
  • Oh, and it’s also GDPR Compliant!

Your Own Guest WiFi Hotspot For Your Business

Maybe You're already offering free WiFi to your customers, and it's working just fine...right?

Most of our customers felt the same - Especially the one's using Sky WiFi ("_The Cloud"). We just ask them 3 questions

"Does your existing WiFi provider allow you to..."

  1. We allow you to present your own branded login screen to your customers.
  2. We allow you to upsell whatever you like (Promotional offers, events etc…) after your customers have connected to your WiFi hotspot.
  3. You get to keep your guest’s social media, email, phone contact information for you to promote your business long after they’ve left your business location and encourage them to come back for repeat business.

Follow up with a promotional or welcome email

  • For every new sign up to your database choose to send them an email. Why not ask the customer to Like your Facebook page, Follow you on Twitter and Recommend you on Trip Advisor, Yelp and other social networks?
  • This is also a prompt to tell the customer that they have been signed up for marketing communications.
    – a good step in GDPR compliance.

We also allow you to...

  • Limit bandwidth
  • Limit access time.
  • Limit IP or BLOCK USERS
  • Restrict access time
  • Block specific websites or services (Requires an upgrade from basic filtering to premium)

Fully managed from start to finish

Setup and installations are delivered by our specialist team

We supply enterprise-grade Ubiquity Unifi Hardware – A global leader in managed WiFi systems, which you’ll own outright – no minimum termed contract.

We’ll set up your WiFi equipment so you can either simply “plug n play” with ease, into your existing router. Or, we can perform a site survey and install the equipment for you in the most optimal location for your needs.

Furthermore, all of our Guest WiFi engineers are fully qualified and understand your network, so that you can be sure your Guest WiFi network is in expert hands.

We can also manage your network for you, centrally controlled through the cloud. Ensuring that your network is Fast, Secure and Reliable.

UniFi Access Point - Guest WiFi Hotspot Kent


Unifi hardware is also a global leader in managed WiFi solutions in over 180 countries.

Search Engine Optimisation Prices

We offer a bespoke service and provide a custom solution based on a discovery call with yourself - but we know that some people like to see guide prices

Business Guest WiFi Marketing

(Requires at least x1 Access Point @ £99.99 - Includes setup)


per month

Additional fees

Prepaid Discounts:
Prepaid Discounts:

Not sure if social powered free guest WiFi marketing is right for you and your business?

Search Engine Optimisation Process

Our standard process for bigger bespoke web design projects


Discovery Call
Kick-off call to discuss your project, your goals, your competitors, and your budget and confirm your goals and the problems this project will solve. Schedule a “Deep Dive” Discovery Workshop session.


"Deep Dive" Discovery Workshop

We will review your existing text, images, and video content. Together we will come up with titles and high-level structure of the pages we will create on the website (sitemap). We will create initial concepts for your font/colour scheme.


Project Setup

You will receive a project welcome email to our portal and instructions for providing us with any digital assets.

Guest WiFi Hotspot Marketing Kent


Design & Development
We will build the structure and design a custom theme based on our “Deep Dive” Discovery session. It will include, Home page, Subpages, Contact forms. Optimised for speed and security, and mobile-friendliness.


Project Sign-off
During this time you can suggest images to swap out on the website. You will also know exactly the text content that needs to be created and we will edit the website to include them. Then the project can be signed-off ready for launch.


Website Launch

We will carry out a pre-launch checklist and make adjustments to on-page Search Engine Optimisation and make the website live.


Support and Maintainance
Once your website is live we will provide training on how you can edit the content of your new website yourself (should you require it) or include you in one of our website support and maintenance care plans whereby WE would do all the work for you.
After 30 days we meet and assess how the website is working for you. We hope that we’ll continue to work together for many years to come and grow with you.

So, What Happens Next?

After we’ve created an amazing brand and a website that converts there is one thing left to do.
And that is to get eyeballs on your website i.e., SEO / Digital Marketing

Our content and Search Engine Optimisation experts can guide you on how to dominate your industry. We can discuss this as part of our onboarding process. If you’d like to start this discussion please reach out via our contact form or call us on 01795 704 999

Still have some free Guest WiFi Questions?

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Guest WiFi Hotspot Marketing Services Kent
Guest WiFi Hotspot Marketing Services Kent

An introduction to the Guest WiFi Marketing services we provide to our clients in Kent